Tommy Robinsons new Documentary

UK. After releasing the documentary below Tommy Robinson got permanently deleted from Facebook and Instagram. Tommys book Mohammeds Koran is no longer available on Amazon. But they do have at least 8 versions of Mein Kampf in English and several editions of The Anachists Cookbook. Amazon haven't released any statement about this, but as CAIR have pressured the company to remove other things that they... Continue Reading →


Löfven Stir up Conflicts

SWEDEN. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven held a speech yesterday for the European elections this May. He continued to warn about the huge threat society face from Nazis and the Alt-right. But don't worry, the Social Democrats will save us all. Somehow. The extreme right tries to consolidate in country after country, to release extreme nationalism on... Continue Reading →

Obama Lies about Lying

USA. If you learn about politics from the Swedish media you'll end up thinking Obama is a saint and Trump is literally Hitler. This clip shows why they're wrong.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

I was checking out the aid organisation Världens Barn (ca Children of the World) and by chance I saw that they work with Islamic Relief. I couldn't believe my eyes! You just have to google once to find out that they are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. My first thought was to email Världens Barn and... Continue Reading →

Fake Papers Prove Gender Studies Useless

USA. A group of authors and academic's did an experiment that's revealing exactly how crazy the field of gender studies is and that it's not science. Helen Pluckrose, James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian from the netpaper Areo were troubled by the development at universities so they wrote and submitted 20 false academic studies to relevant peer-reviewed... Continue Reading →

The Left Party – Past and Present

SWEDEN. The Left Party have an interesting history, but communism, support of dictatures and terrorism haven't stopped people from voting for them. They got 8% in this years election and their member Lotta Johnsson Fornarve were chosen as the Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament. Until 1990 the party was called Left Party the Communists... Continue Reading →

– No jews in Germany!

GERMANY. I was so naive that I actually thought that antisemitism was a thing of the past. That the horrors of WWII had made us humans evolve. But then there's Islam which is filled to the brim with hatred against jews and now it's starting to show all over Europe. In June a 17-year-old Berlin-born Israeli... Continue Reading →

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