Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

USA. Listen to this presentation by the late Nabeel Qureshi about his journey from Islam to Christianity. A journey made possible by his friendship with David Wood.


Persecution of Christians – week 7

Asia Bibi hasn't been able to leave Pakistan after all and a friend say that she is becoming increasingly frightened and frustrated with her uncertain future. Asia has been moved with her husband to a secret place in Karachi and is locked in a room all the time. The door only opens at meal time,... Continue Reading →

Shouldn’t Allah Know?

If Allah is almighty it means that he know everything. Nothing is too complicated for him, he never misunderstand nor does he make mistakes when he explain things. Right? Now, let us say that Allah contacted a man, let's call him Muhammed, and started to teach him about... everything. Allah told him about his law... Continue Reading →

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