Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

USA. Listen to this presentation by the late Nabeel Qureshi about his journey from Islam to Christianity. A journey made possible by his friendship with David Wood.


Whitewashing Islam

We have all been served lies and half-truths from the media about Islam. The media are more interested in being politically correct than giving us accurate information. I'm grateful that David has done the fact checking for them.

Persecution of Christians – week 7

Asia Bibi hasn't been able to leave Pakistan after all and a friend say that she is becoming increasingly frightened and frustrated with her uncertain future. Asia has been moved with her husband to a secret place in Karachi and is locked in a room all the time. The door only opens at meal time, … Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 7

Satan Is a Black Man

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Muhammed didn't hold those with black skin in high regard. Update 17/2 2019: The video about Mohammeds prophecy was removed by Youtube as it was flagged as hate speech. So critizising Muhammeds racism is hate. And to bring attention to that he claimed that Satan is … Continue reading Satan Is a Black Man

The Gillette Ad

USA. The new add from Gillette has recieved a lot of criticism and rightly so. It's a propaganda movie using marxist theories of left-wing feminism and identity politics. The common denominator of the men who misbehave is that they are white and the saivors showed are black. Here's two other angles: