Typically Swedish

60 Minutes Australia

Tim Pool in Sweden

Embassy of Sweden


Government Offices of Sweden

How Sweden is governed

Statistics Sweden

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

Swedish Migration Agency

Swedish NAO

Swedish Public Employment Service

The National Board of Health Welfare

Aftonbladet – big newspaper, left, partly owned by the Social Democratic Party

Armed forces – have responsibility to defend the country in case of war, saving measures have left it incapable to do so for longer than a week,

Apoteket – the states monopoly on selling medicines which was deregulated in 2009

The Centre Party (C)

The Christian Democratic Party (KD)

CSN – handles students loans and the welfare they are entitled to.

Elderly care – municipalities and private

Electricity – was the states monopoly until 1996, inspected by Energimarknadsinspectionen

European Union – members in 1995,

Expo –

Financial market – deregulated in 1985,

The Green Party (Mp)

Hamburgers – used to be illegal to sell hamburgers in hot-dog stands, american companies was frowned upon, the state started a chain of hamburger restaurants during the 70s called Clock, it was sold in 1987

The Immigration Authority

Inte rasist, men –


MOT – was the states monopoly until 2010

Municipality – the country is divided in 290 municipalities, includes both urban and rural areas around a regional center, is governed by an elected city council, financed by municipal taxes, charges and government grants

The Left Party (V)

The Liberal Party (L)


The Moderate Party (M)

No Go Zones – find the current no go zones in Sweden here

Nordic Resistence Movement (NRM) – Neo-nazis,


Political system – elections every fourth year,

Postnord – delivers mail, used to be called Postverket, used to have monopoly on the market, ended on letters in 1993,

Researchgruppen –

Rättviseförmedlingen –

Schoolsystem – controlled by the municipalities, first private school started in 1984, illegal to home school, after a reform in 1992 it became legal with private schools,

Statens Järnvägar (SJ, the states railways) – the states monopoly ended in 2010 so private company can drive trains on the weekend,


Svenska Spel – monopoly by the state controlling

The Social Democratic Party (S)

The Sweden Democrats (SD)

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) – represent and advocates for local government, employers organisation, all municipalities, county councils and regions are members

The Swedish National Audit Office – gives the Riksdag a coordinated and independent audit of state finances, critiqued teh government for how recklessly they handled immigration around 2015

The Swedish Royal House – the king is the chief of state in Sweden as Sweden is an constitutional monarchy, current king is Carl XVI Gustav since 1973, his daughter Victoria is crown princess, have mostly ceremonial commitments and represent the country in different ways,

Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO)

The Swedish Television (SVT) & Swedish Radio (SR) – owned by the state, everybody pays for it with taxes, no commercial, left-leaning, used to have monopoly, private distributaries got allowed by the end of the 80s

The Swedish Church

Systembolaget – have monopoly on selling alcohol, control the market, have special stores and no alcohol is sold in the supermarket

Taxi – used to be the monopoly of the state, was scrapped in 1990, uber?

Telia – telecom company, used to be called Televerket when it was the monopoly owned by the state, the monopoly on landlanes ended in 1992


WWII – Sweden was neautral during the war, sold ore to the nazis and let them use the railway to move soldiers to the north of Norway, rejected to give the Norweigan royal family asylum,


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