Marked (Swe) is in Swedish


David Eberhard: The big gender experiment – book, 2018 (Swe). Discussion about the books topic with Aron Flam

Majors by gender – 2009

Men and women on the same sports team? – 2015

There is no male-female wage gap – 2011


As Venezuela Collapses, Children Are Dying of Hunger

Businesses Under Communist Systems

Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals

Inside Venezuela’s Crumbling Mental Hospitals

Sexual violence against women in North Korea

Swedes Worldwide Supports a Communist – 2017 (Swe)

The Cold War: what we saw – podcast-series

UN report on human rights in North Korea


Kjell Albin Abrahamson: Stor var Lenin – En kritisk biografi (Swe)

Svetlana Alexievich: all her books

Danzig Baldaev: Drawings from the GULAG

Julian Better: Jag var barn i Gulag (Swe)

Jung Chang: Wild swans – three daughters of China

Ben Shapiro: Bullies

Loung Ung: First they killed my father – a daughter of Cambodia remembers. Have been filmed by Netflix.