Cultural Clashes

Marked (Swe) is in Swedish


Antisemitic attitudes among Muslims in Europe: a survey review – 2015

Antisemitic attitudes and notions in Sweden – 2005 (Swe)

Antisemistism in contemporary Great Britain: a study of attitudes towards Jews and Israel – 2017

Anti-Semitic insights in France – 2014

Antisemitic violence in Europe, 2005-2015 – include stats on which groups commits the crimes

Discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU member states

Hatecrimes 2015 – (Swe)

Institutionally Antisemitic: Contemporary Left Antisemitism and the Crisis in the British Labour Party – Professor Alan Johnson, 2019

Malmö: hatred of Jews in a Swedish city – Paulina Neuding, The Jerusalem Post, 2012.

Self-reported and vulnerability for hatecrime – (Swe)

The ADL Global 100 – attitudes towards Jews in 100 countries, 2014

What are the origins of Muslim antisemitism? – Haaretz, 2009


End FGM – European network

Female Genital Mutilation: Multiculturalism Gone Wild – 2017

Female genital mutilation in Sweden – The National Board of Health Welfare

Female genital mutilation – WHO

Nationellt Forum för Kvinnofrid: Kvinnlig omskärelse/könsstympning i Sverige – 2011 (Swe)

The scream was filled with panic and fear – 2018 (Swe)


Married against ones will – 2009 (Swe)


Honour related violence and oppression: a knowledge and research survey – 2010 (Swe)

Honour related violence and oppression: towards improved knowledge about the perpetraitors – 2018 (Swe)

Never forget Pela & Fadime (GAPF) – National Organisation against Honour Violence

Once upon a time there was a family – radio documentary about honour violence, 2019. (Swe)

A life without violence and oppression. – The Health Agency, 2019. (Swe)

The manifestation of honour related violence and oppression and societies challenges: a survey in Malmö 2017 – 2018 – (Swe)

TRIS (Tjejers Rätt I Samhället, Girls Rights in Society) – (Swe)

Ung 018 – A survey of honour related violence and oppression among youth in Uppsala – 2019 (Swe)


Half of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal – 2016

Violence against HBTQ-persons – a review of research and knowledge – National Centre for Knowledge on Men’s Violence against Women, 2018. (Swe)

Violence against LBTQ-persons: a research and knowledge survey – 2017 (Swe)


Children and armed conflicts – UN

Child soldiers international

Global Slavery Index

War Child


Children accused of witchcraft – Unicef, 2010.

Don’t ignore the racism among immigrants – Boris Benulic, Dagens Samhälle, 2014 (Swe)

Ann Heberlein: Den banala godheten – mångkultur, integration och svenska värderingar, book (Swe)

Human Development Reports, UN

Marriage between cousins – God Ton, Hanif Bali, podcast, 2020. (Swe)

Per Brinkemo: Mellan klan och stat – somalier i Sverige, book (Swe)

Rise in brutal ‘witchcraft’ murders and attacks on children prompts new training for police to help them spot sorcery – Mail Online, 2012.

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