Marked (Swe) is in Swedish

112 boys & men convicted of gangrape – 2018 (Swe)

9 out of 10 shootings are performed by criminal gangs – Kvällsposten, 2018. (Swe)

Adultery, rape, and escaping the house: The protection and policing of female sexuality in Afghanistan – 2017

Afghan and Iraqi men are overrepresented in sexual crimes statistics – 2019 (Swe & Finnish)

Can Brå be trusted? A study on research by authorities – 2019, University of Linköping. (Swe)

Carfires increase dramatically – 2016 (Swe)

Compilation of the central results of the National survey about Security 2018 (Swe)

Countering violent extremism: a guide for practitioners and analysts – 2014

Cow-related hate crime in India – 2010

Criminality among people born in Sweden and abroad – Brå 2005:17 (Swe)

Criminality in Sweden: database over theft, violence & rapes in municipalities & countys (Swe)

F**cking Swede – Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute, 2020.

Ann Heberlein: Rape and culture – an investigation of the relationship between immigration and sexual crimes – 2018, book. (Swe)

I’m so fucking tired & I’m still fucking tired – Peter Springare, Facebook posts, 2017. (Swe)

In Somalia, rape is “normal”, but the government can change that – 2014

Immigrants and immigrants childrens criminality: a statistical analysis – 1996. (Swe)

Immigrants commit this many crimes – 2000 (Swe)

Increased gun violence among young males in Sweden – 2018 (Swe)

I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling – Austria 2017.

Junge arabischstämmige Gewalttäter verachten unser Land – Focus Online, 2013.

Man in Sweden ‘live-streamed gang rape on Facebook’ – The Local, 2017.

New research about ethnicity and rape  – Denmark, 2017.

Nordic studies on criminality among people with foreign and Swedish descent 2005-2019 – Brå, 2019. (Swe)

Prosecutor: They have no respect for the court – 2017 (Swe)

Sexual criminality among men born in Sweden & abroad – 2017 (Swe)

Sexual violence against women in North Korea

Sweden Democrats in Wall Street Journal: Trump is right – 2017

Sweden and immigrants mostly get on well – Morgan Johansson (S), 2017.

Statistics about rape, violent crimes and theft in Sweden

Status report on arsons at immigration centers 2012-2016 – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, 2016. (Swe)

Swedes are Fleeing – Gatestone Institute, 2019.

Sweden ‘covering up’ migrant rape and violent crime for the sake of ‘humanitarianism’ – Express, 2017.

Sweden Is at War – Gatestone Institute, 2019.

Sweden Spinning out of Control – Gatestone Institute, 2019.

The digital presence of some of the major Swedish autonomous environments – Swedish Defence Research Agency, FOI-R–4592–SE, 2018.

The gangrapes  – 2018 (Swe)

The police raise the alarm – Kenan Habul, Susanna Nygren, 2017. (Swe)

The police secret report: Here are Stockholms most dangerous areas – Anders Johansson, Linda Hjertén, 2016. (Swe)

The situation is fucking serious – Henrik Höjer, Forskning & Framsteg, 2018. (Swe)

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, Brå –English Swedish

The truth about Sweden – Paulina Neuding, 2017.

This is why I move away from Husby – Zeliha Dagli, 2017. (Swe)

We are at war with the Swedes – 2006 (Swe)

Vulnerable areas: social order, criminal structures and challenges for the police – 2017 (Swe)

Young asylumseekers attest to sexual abuse in refugee shelters – Hiram Li, Ordfront Magasin, 2018. (Swe)

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