Inconvenient Observations

This Is Reality

Persecution of Christians

Marked (Swe) is in Swedish

Aid to the Church in Need – Religious Freedom Report 2018

Annual Report of the U.S. Commission Commission of International Religious Freedom – 2019

A Physician’s View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

A Rosary Companion – podcast

Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for the Foreign Secretary of FCO Support for Persecuted Christians – 2019

Catholic Answers Live – podcast

Catholic Stuff You Should Know – podcast

G.K. Chesterton: Orthodoxy

China Aid – Walking with the persecuted faithful

The Patrick Coffin Show – podcast

Helena Edlund: How to survive the Swedish Church

Forced marriages & forced conversions in the Christian community in Pakistan – Movement for solidarity and peace, 2014

C.S. Lewis: Surprised by joy and all his other books

Mother Angelica Live Classics – podversions of Mother Angelicas TV-show

Open Doors – organizaion that help persecuted Christians

The Passion of the Christ

The Patrick Madrid Show – podcast & theology

Persecution – International Christian Concern

Report about intolerance of Christians in Europe

Devin Rose: The protestants dilemma: how the reformation’s shocking consequences point to the truth of catholicism

S:t Augustine of Hippo: Confessions

S:t John Paul II: Theology of the body in simple language

S:t John Paul II: Catechism of the Catholic Church

S:t Teresa of Avila: Interior castle

S:t Thérèse de Lisieux: Story of a soul

Fr. Mike Schmitz – short podcast episodes about theology

Tim Staples: Behold your mother

Lee Strobel: The case for Christ

Trending with Timmerie – podcast

The Vatican submits to Islam 2006-2016

Voice of the Martyrs – podcast

World Watch Monitor

Why is there evil and suffering?

Philip Yancey: The Jesus I never knew

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