Inconvenient Observations

This Is Reality


Marked (Swe) is in Swedish

Antisemitic attitudes among Muslims in Europe: a survey review – 2015

Antisemistism in contemporary Great Britain: a study of attitudes towards Jews and Israel – 2017

Anti-Semitic insights in France – 2014

Antisemitic violence in Europe, 2005-2015 – include stats on which groups commits the crimes

Antisemitic attitudes and notions in Sweden – 2005 (Swe)

Discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU member states

Hatecrimes 2015 – (Swe)

Institutionally Antisemitic:
Contemporary Left Antisemitism
and the Crisis in the British Labour Party – Professor Alan Johnson, 2019

Malmö: hatred of jews in a Swedish city – Paulina Neuding, The Jerusalem Post, 2012.

The ADL Global 100 – attitudes towards Jews in 100 countries, 2014

Self-reported and vulnerability for hatecrime – (Swe)

What are the origins of Muslim antisemitism? – Haaretz, 2009

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