Marked (Swe) are in Swedish

Gatestone Institute

Human Development Reports, UN


Pew Research Center

Statistics Sweden

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Antisemitic attitudes among Muslims in Europe: a survey review – 2015

Antisemistism in contemporary Great Britain: a study of attitudes towards Jews and Israel – 2017

Antisemitic violence in Europe, 2005-2015 – include stats on which groups commits the crimes

Antisemitic attitudes and notions in Sweden – 2005 (Swe)

Discrimination and hate crime against Jews in EU member states

Hatecrimes 2015 – (Swe)

The ADL Global 100 – attitudes towards Jews in 100 countries, 2014

Self-reported and vulnerability for hatecrime – (Swe)


112 boys & men convicted of gangrape – 2018 (Swe)

Adultery, rape, and escaping the house: The protection and policing of female sexuality in Afghanistan – 2017

Countering violent extremism: a guide for practitioners and analysts – 2014

Cow-related hate crime in India – 2010

Criminality among people born in Sweden and abroad – Brå 2005:17 (Swe)

The gangrapes  – 2018 (Swe)

I’m so fucking tired & I’m still fucking tired – Peter Springare 2017 (Swe)

In Somalia, rape is “normal”, but the government can change that – 2014

Immigrants and immigrants Childrens criminality: a statistical analysis – 1996 (Swe)

Immigrants commit this many crimes – 2000 (Swe)

I’ve Worked with Refugees for Decades. Europe’s Afghan Crime Wave Is Mind-Boggling – Austria 2017

New research about ethnicity and rape  – Denmark 2017

Compilation of the central results of the National survey about Security 2018 (Swe)

Sexual criminality among men born in Sweden & abroad – 2017 (Swe)

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, Brå – English & Swedish

We are at war with the Swedes – 2006 (Swe)

Views from around the globe: countering violent extremism 


Aid to the Church in NeedReligious Freedom Report 2018

China Aid – Walking with the persecuted faithful

Open Doors – help persecuted Christians

Persecution – International Christian Concern

Report about intolerance of Christians in Europe

The Vatican submits to Islam 2006-2016

World Watch List 2018

World Watch List 2019

World Watch Monitor


Majors by gender – 2009

Men and women on the same sports team? – 2015

There is no male-female wage gap – 2011


Female Genital Mutilation: Multiculturalism Gone Wild – 2017

The scream was filled with panic and fear – 2018 (Swe)


An unsolvable problem – Rebecca Weidmo Uvell, 2019 (Swe)

Denmark: In one generation, our country has changed – 2019

Education among immigrants 2014:6 – (Swe)

Education level among immigrants – Ekonomifakta (Swe)

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Granted recidence permits 2018 – (Swe)

Harrowing new report from Statistics Sweden about integration – Tino Sanandaji 2013 (Swe)

Immigration and economy – blog by Economist Joakim Ruist (Swe)

Immigration and public finances – The department of Finances 2009 (Swe)

Interpret the interpretation investigation – Rebecca Weimo Uvell 2019 (Swe)

MIPEX – Migrant Integration Policy Index

Prognosis of activity and spending July 2018 – The Migration Agency (Swe)

The Future Population of Sweden 2018-2070 – Statistics Sweden (Swe)

The imbalance between genders are almost like in China – Hans Rosling 2015 (Swe)

The Swedish Migration Agency

Time for integration ESO 2018:3 – Joakim Ruist (Swe)

Unemployment among immigrants – Ekonomifakta

Facts about Immigration – 2015 (Swe)


Married against ones will – 2009 (Swe)

Honour related violence and oppression: a knowledge and research survey – 2010 (Swe)

Honour related violence and oppression: towards improved knowledge about the perpetraitors – 2018 (Swe)

Never forget Pela & Fadime (GAPF) – National Organisation against Honour Violence


Violence against LBTQ-persons: a research and knowledge survey – 2017 (Swe)


Global Slavery Index


As Venezuela Collapses, Children Are Dying of Hunger

Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals

Inside Venezuela’s Crumbling Mental Hospitals

Sexual violence against women in North Korea

UN report on human rights in North Korea


Global Terrorism Index