Persecution of Christians – week 11

The violence Christians are suffering in Nigeria have gathered attention due to the massacre in Christchurch as many questioned the medias hypocrisy. Even local media in Nigeria seldom report on the attacks. 6 000 persons were killed during 2018 and there wasn't any distress, no "thoughts and prayers" nor aany candlelit demonstrations in the west.… Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 11

Muslims Are Harder to Integrate

GERMANY. Ruud Koopmans is a professor of sociology at Humboldt University in Berlin who have run studies for 20 years about integration and assimilation. He has arrived at the conclusion that Muslims are more difficult to integrate than other immigrant groups. He goes so far as to claim that no Western country has managed to… Continue reading Muslims Are Harder to Integrate

Persecution of Christians – week 6

On February 16 the election will be held in Nigeria and current president Buhari hope to be re-elected. He has made promises to free Leah Sharibu and to stop the Fulani Militia, but nothing has happened. The last news came in October. There is no updated status report on Leah and on February 19 she… Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 6

Leftist Will Report “the truth” about Venezuela

SWEDEN. VENEZUELA. Leftwing debater, journalist and author Kajsa "Ekis" Ekman are heading for Caracas to report on what's going on there. Because she think that media are getting it all wrong. Ekman feels distress about how the media are reporting on the situation in Venezuela. She calls it "war propaganda, badly disguised as journalism" and… Continue reading Leftist Will Report “the truth” about Venezuela

Don’t Insult Islam

CANADA. Twitters growing preoccupation with policing their users have given them strange bedfellows. On 20 August this year Ensaf Haidar, wife of Raif Badawi who is imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for insulting Islam, tweeted: Retweet if you're against niqab. Retweeter si vous êtes contre le niqab. Today she got the message that Twitter has recieved… Continue reading Don’t Insult Islam

Has Asia Left Pakistan?

PAKISTAN. The news spread that Asia Bibi had managed to leave Pakistan on Wednesday night, but that isn't true. She is still in Pakistan. Or is she? The Foreign Office spokespersons held a press briefing this morning and said that Asia is safe on a secret location in Pakistan. After that the Information Minister spoke and… Continue reading Has Asia Left Pakistan?

Germans Want to Emigrate

GERMANY. A new poll by YouGov on behalf of TransferWise shows that 55% of Germans would like to move to another country. Some of these wouldn't mind to leave forever and 13% want to be away for several years. 29% of those who emigrate now had no thought of doing so only two years ago.… Continue reading Germans Want to Emigrate