Not only an ISIS-Haidresser

SYRIA. One Swedish woman who traveled to join ISIS claims that she never met any Yazidis and that's why she couldn't help them. She was just a housewife who ran a hair salon at home. But a source from Iraq reveal that the hairdressers whitin ISIS had an important part to play when it came... Continue Reading →

No Drag in Islam

After writing about Hidayoo who couldn't wear protective pants I looked up some quotes about women dressing like men and vice versa. It's not only about hiding your figure, but that a man wearing womens clothes is seen as sick and perverted in Islam. The advice given is to remind that man that Allah see... Continue Reading →

His Murder Is Obligatory

PAKISTAN. Faraz Pervaiz is a Christian you tuber who has fled from Pakistan to Thailand and now he is being accused of blasphemy. Muslims in his homeland have spread posters with his picture on it promising a reward for those who kill him. Here is a translation of the poster: Punishment of Blasphemous Behead Behead It... Continue Reading →

Members of ISIS where I Live

SWEDEN. The ISIS-monsters are starting to return and now I've read that some of them are back in the area in which I live. This, of course, makes me very worried and that the police, which is understaffed, will "keep an eye on them" only makes it worse. The goal is to control if they... Continue Reading →

Terror in Oslo

NORWAY This Thursday, January 17, a 20-year old man stabbed a woman in her back in a store in Oslo. It was first thought to be a robbery, but now it's investigated as a terror crime. The man is a Russian citizen and come from the small republic Bashkortostan and he got a new passport... Continue Reading →

Saturday Reading

Here's some interesting things to look into during the weekend, if you're interested. An article, The grotesque immorality of mainstream Islamic ethics, by an ex-Muslim: Islamic apostasy (part 1)Permissibility of rape (part 2)Wifebeating (part 3)Adoption (part 4)Homosexuality (part 5)Polygamy (part 6) This is an article broken up in parts and with commentary about the district Saint-Denis in... Continue Reading →

Islam & the World Hijab Day

The first of February are now known as World Hijab Day where non-Muslim women get to wear the hijab to increase their understanding of it (why choose the winter and not experience the wonders of hijab in August?). The leftist media love this stunt and here in Sweden many celebrities and politicians have had their... Continue Reading →

Islam & Dogs

All dog owners have experienced the irrational fear many Muslims show towards dogs. Even the children tend to shriek and taunt a dog minding his own business. Why? Well, they are haram and Islam forbids Muslims to keep dogs. The punishment if one keep a dog is to lose one or two qiraats (a unit... Continue Reading →

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