Undercover: late term abortion clinic

CANADA. This is awful to see, but I think you should watch it anyway as this is the reality of late term abortions. And reality isn't the same thing as the debates about this. It's always used in another way as it was meant. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXX9IJu_4pg


The Social Democrats Turn Redder

SWEDEN. A group of Social Democrats have started a new organisation within the party that they call The Reformists. They have a big reform plan that they want to implement. The Reformists believe that the Social Democratic Partys politic isn't enough to handle the inequality in Sweden. I agree with them that more have to... Continue Reading →

Climate Hysteria & why I Don’t Care

I'm having a hard time stomaching the climate hysteria and heres why. To be honest, I have lost track of how many times the earth should have gone under during my lifetime. The reasons have been different during the years: overpopulation, acid rain, the ozone layer, GMO that would destroy our crops, global heating, nuclear... Continue Reading →

Explosion of rats in Rinkeby

SWEDEN. Rats have invaded the no go zone Rinkeby in Stockholm and it have proved to be hard for the property owners to root them out. The residents describe that it can be up to 30 rats running around in the courtyard. They describe how the rats come running towards them and that they ave... Continue Reading →

Jesus Successor

SWEDEN. I could name this post Why I left the Church of Sweden because this kind of behaviour is one of the reasons why I left and became Catholic.  I wrote about Greta Thunberg in late August about her strike from school to help the enviroment. I assume that those problems with the climate are... Continue Reading →

School Reported for Inviting Hunter

SWEDEN. A preschool in Mullsjö has invited a local hunter for years and it has been very appreciated by the children. But this year the school were reported to the School Inspectorate.  Mullsjö is a small town surrounded by large forrests filled with all kinds of animals. Accidents because of roe deer happens frequently and... Continue Reading →

Billions Wasted

SWEDEN. The Social Democrats like to create fake jobs, sometimes called traineejobs, that are paid by taxmoney. It makes the unimployment numbers, and themselves, look better. Because everybody can see that they are making efforts! The idea is that these jobs will become real jobs, but they very seldom do. It can be to helping... Continue Reading →

New tax opposed its Purpose

SWEDEN. The Social Democratic Party have been in power for four years and during that time they have taken every opportunity to create new taxes or raise the ones that was already in place. On the first of July 2017 a tax on chemicals was introduced to lower the use of those who are dangerous... Continue Reading →

Pope Francis must Go

VATICAN. I'm Catholic and I hate how some are doing their very best to destroy the church that Jesus gave us. There's something truly diabolic about this and those who have claimed that there's a homosexual leftist group within the church doesn't seem all that conspiratorial anymore. First I have to mention the victims and... Continue Reading →

Malena Ernman & Her Daughter

SWEDEN. Operasinger and SJW Malena Ernman is making headlines again. But at first they were about her 15-year old daughter Greta. Nobody knew that her antics were a mediastunt arranged by her mother.  Schools started in Sweden this week, but Greta didn't go to her classes. Instead she sat down on the street outside the... Continue Reading →

A Tax on Parking

SWEDEN. The Green Partys latest suggestion on how to save the enviroment is to implement a tax on parking at the supermarket. Instead they think that people should buy and use cargobikes! It's just that they can cost up to $2 000 (and more) and that's certainly not something everybody can afford. And then they... Continue Reading →

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