The Truth about Swedish Socialism

SWEDEN. As socialism has become trendy many point to Sweden as an example of how successful it can be. But that isn't true and Henrik Jönsson can explain exactly why Sweden became rich. And how socialism ruined it all.


The Solution: More Immigration

SWEDEN. Are there any other countries in the world that believe that they can solve their problems with more of what caused the problem to begin with? Many municipalities are in economic distress and 19 out of 21 county councils are close to bankrupcy, but one can still read how some propose that the solution … Continue reading The Solution: More Immigration

The State of Sweden

During January and February a 23-year old man, who is an Iraqi citizen, sexually assaulted women in central Uppsala wearing a blue protective mask. He grabbed them from behind, touched their bodies and then left rapidly. The man have now been sentenced for nine cases of sexual assault and two cases of sexual abuse. He … Continue reading The State of Sweden

Found Her Father Sitting in Feaces

SWEDEN. Politicians have saved money on the care of the elderly for decades. Perhaps as they are an easy group to target because most of them are too sick and frail to protest. Pernilla Andersson is a Swedish musician came to visit her father on his retirement home. She found him sitting on his bed, … Continue reading Found Her Father Sitting in Feaces

83-year old Tortured for Hours

SWEDEN. This Thursday, 31 of January, 83-year old Ivar was attacked in his home in Ronneby. The robbers tortured him for hours. Ivar uses a wheelchair to move around and is so weak that he hardly can stand up anymore. So when the four men ambushed him there wasn't anything he could do. They asked … Continue reading 83-year old Tortured for Hours

The State of Sweden

The police asked the public and media for help to find two men who have robbed a 90-year old woman of her credit card. There have been ten similar cases in different regions. As the men are immigrants SVT, the state television, refused to show the picture of their uncensored faces. Instead they blurred them. … Continue reading The State of Sweden

Persecution of Christians – week 3

The World Watch List 2019 were released this week. It shows that 245 million Christians are persecuted in the world, which makes them the biggest group that are victims of persecution. Asia is the worst place to be Christian and one in three live under high persecution. You find links to articles that break down … Continue reading Persecution of Christians – week 3

The Praised health Care in Sweden

SWEDEN. Many socialists praise the Scandinavian countries and want to imitate them. "Free" healthcare is one of the things they want. I've written about the taxes before so here's another perspective: when you call the health center or the number 1177 they often try their hardest to stop you from getting healthcare (after waiting forever … Continue reading The Praised health Care in Sweden

Generations Clash over News

SWEDEN. New Years Eve made one thing very clear for me: the different generations have a very hard time understandning each others. Even if we belong to the same political ideology and often agree with each other one thing causes friction: having different sources. We have an older generation who watch the news on TV … Continue reading Generations Clash over News

Criminals were Given deluxe Apartment

SWEDEN. This is a land of absurdities. We have elderly Swedes living on the streets, but local politicians prioritize beggers from Romania. We have families living in poverty, while criminals get thousands of kronor in aid. It was in Malmö that five men, several of them from the no go zone Rosengård and members of … Continue reading Criminals were Given deluxe Apartment

Foreign Beggers entitled to Housing

Even though SWEDEN is a small country it seems like we carry the responsibility for the whole world on our soulders. In some sense it's a part of our national identity and us Swedes like that image of ourselves, which have put us in our current situation. But there's also others that want us to … Continue reading Foreign Beggers entitled to Housing

Confiscate Immigrants Possessions

SWEDEN. Rickard Jomshof, representing the Sweden Democrats in parliament, has produced a bill that immigrants should have their valuable possessions confiscated. Ok, that sounds bad, but there's an explanation. If you need welfare in this country you have to sell all that you own that are valuable and spend all money on your bankaccount. If you … Continue reading Confiscate Immigrants Possessions

Skimping on the most Important

SWEDEN. Municipalities all over the country are doing their best to save money. In Halmstad they need to save 60 million kronor ($6 647 020) and admit that it's because the unaccompanied refugee "children" have spent the resources. When we were at the peak of the immigration wave a couple of years ago nobody seemed … Continue reading Skimping on the most Important

Let Us Call a Spade a Spade

SWEDEN. We were told that the immigrants would become parts of our workforce, especially in the healthcare system, but then the establishment suddenly realized what we others all knew: it isn't easy to learn a new language, especially if you never studied before. In Bjurholm in the north of Sweden the union have raised the … Continue reading Let Us Call a Spade a Spade

Lack of Housing

SWEDEN. There's a lack of apartments in Sweden and this have been the case for several years. But even though the politicians knew this they let in hundreds of thousands of so called refugees without planning how it would work out for one minute. There isn't enough places for elderly or handicapped people. Couples that … Continue reading Lack of Housing

The annual Lucia Quarrel

SWEDEN. That a Lutheran countrys most loved traditions involves a saint it's a little ironic and for the last couple of years identity politics have dominated the time for preperations. Lucia, S:t Lucy, is celebrated on December 13 with a parade of women and men dressed in white carrying candles. The girl presented as Lucia … Continue reading The annual Lucia Quarrel

Billions Wasted

SWEDEN. The Social Democrats like to create fake jobs, sometimes called traineejobs, that are paid by taxmoney. It makes the unimployment numbers, and themselves, look better. Because everybody can see that they are making efforts! The idea is that these jobs will become real jobs, but they very seldom do. It can be to helping … Continue reading Billions Wasted

If I Won the Election…

SWEDEN. What would I do if I ran the country? What would you do? It's interesting to toy with the idea. Here's what I came up with. Raise vagues and make the working conditions better for polices and nurses. Try to get those who have quit to come back by making them good offers. Improve … Continue reading If I Won the Election…