Immigrant Children Fail in School

SWEDEN. Immigrated children and those who are first generation Swedes have significant problems in school. Four out of five doesn't have good enough grade to be able to go to high school. About 65% of the population of Somalia are nomadic postoralists and only 22% of those children get an education. When it comes to... Continue Reading →

Democracy vs Sharia

This is a translation of an infograph that ISIS released in 2017 about the principles of democracy and how they contradict sharia. Therefore democracy isn't allowed. 1.       The people are sovereign - “Allah blessed be his name said: Allah is the only sovereign.” 2.       Freedom of thought and religion contradicts Jizia, a tax that underwrites... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Swedens Anti-Lockdown Strategy

Angry Foreigner summarize how Sweden are handling the Corona pandemic and he's absolutely spot on. Swedes count on that the state knows best, that officials make the right decisions and will take care of things. In the meantime we carry on as usual, convinced that we and our systems are so exceptional that covid-19 will... Continue Reading →

Immigrants Aren’t Self-Sufficient

SWEDEN. A new report was released yesterday called When does immigrants become self-sufficient?. It clearly shows that the official statistics on immigrants employment give the wrong picture as less of them actually can support themselves. One reason for this can be how employment are measured. The usual way to do it in Sweden is that... Continue Reading →

The Government Want to Take Over Companies

SWEDEN. The Left Party (V), formerly known as The Left Part The Communists, use the Corona crisis to increase the states control over Swedish companies. Ulla Andersson and the party leader Jonas Sjöstedt wrote in a debate article 7/4 that if the state support private companies economically during this crisis it should get to take... Continue Reading →

Greece Are Fed Up with the Migrants

GREECE/TURKEY. While mainstream media and the left want to open the borders to help the refugees fleeing the war numbers that the Greek parliament has released. The people who were arrested in the Evros region between February 28 and the 5th of March came from Afghanistan (64%), Pakistan (19%) , Turkey (5%), Syria (4%), Somalia... Continue Reading →

Immigrants Become Homeless

SWEDENS Health Agency has investigated the homelessness in the country and one group is increasing. Nearly half of those who are homeless in Sweden were born in other countries. The Agency calls this group "structurally homeless" and they are increasing. Another group among which you can see an increasing homelessness are elderly Swedes who have... Continue Reading →

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