Christian Woman Raped to Conversion

PAKISTAN. A Christian woman who have three children was kidnapped and "converted" by force to Islam. Unfortunately, this kind of thing isn't uncommon. Saima Iqbal is a married woman with children at the ages 4, 8 and 13 and the entire family is Christian. On February 25, in the evening, Saima was abducted from her... Continue Reading →

Persecutions of Christians – week 10

International Christian Concern has documented at least 60 attacks by Boko Harams and Fulani Militias in Nigeria during February. A total of 205 people in the Middle Belt and northern Nigeria were killed. Boko Haram was responsible for 126 deaths and 83 of them were civilians (mostly in Borno State). Fulani militants were also responsible... Continue Reading →

Integration in the UK

UK. This video is interesting, but when it comes to the class in the end it's predictable. The teacher said that you can keep your identity and become British, but how do you do when those identities clash? Like when your culture say that you must have an arranged marriage at 13 while British girls... Continue Reading →

Marry or Get Killed

SWEDEN. A maternal grandmother, 64, has been sentenced to jail for one year and nine months and to pay 120 000 kronor ($ 12 901) to her granddaughter for forcing her into a marriage. An aunt, 27, has also been prosecuted. The girl, who was 16 years old at the time, was tricked by her... Continue Reading →

We Must not Talk about It

Magda Gad is a journalist from SWEDEN who has reported from the war in Syria and won The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism as the reformer of the year in 2017. Her latest project is about AFGHANISTAN. Many of us were exited when she went to Afghanistan and by now she have been living there... Continue Reading →

Slavery Today

The 2018 Global Slavery Index were released this summer and show the modern slavery around the world. Very interesting!

The madness of honour Culture

SWEDEN. A 12-year old girl, originally from Kurdistan but now living in Örebro, called the police in May because she feared that her mother was going to kill her. She had talked online with a boy. The girl had already been beaten when the police came. Her mother had threatened to cut her and put... Continue Reading →

Violence common for Nigerian Women

NIGERIA. Violence against women and girls is common but due to stigma, shame and impunity there haven't been much talk about it.  Over 23 million women and children are victims of child marriage. Women and girls are abducted and forced to marry. One in three women and girls between the ages of 15 and 24 have... Continue Reading →

Aquitted from Marrying a Child

SWEDEN. The other day a 24-year old man from Syria was acquitted from forcing a 13-year old girl to marry.  If they want to kill me they can do so. You only die once. Let it be over, this life isn't worth living. The marriage contract was already signed and nobody cared what she thought... Continue Reading →

10 reasons to Reject Islam

I wrote down the reasons so I'll have easy access to them. But you must watch the Apostate Prophet to hear his commentary. Intolerance & supremacy Islam is a political system from above Rejection of modernity and change Misogyny Punishing apostates Child marriage Killing homosexuals No freedom of expression Islam for Mohammed Veneration & imitation... Continue Reading →

Pakistani Inbreeding

UK. I've seen this first hand here in Sweden: immigrated families who have one or several children with severe handicaps. And everybody know that the parents are cousins and that it has been going on for generations.

How to Handle Honour Culture

SWEDEN. Many was looking forward to the new action plan on how to handle honour culture and violence in Gothenburg. But it turned out to be a disappointment. Instead of clear-cut advice and distinct descriptions the personnel got a plan that problematize the concept of honour violence. The plan says that honour violence it's a... Continue Reading →

Robert Spencer challenges: Prove Me Wrong

Recently I’ve been called a “notorious Islamophobe” and an “anti-Muslim propagandist” in the Left-wing media, and while these charges aren’t new, I thought it worth noting today that they are based as much on ignorance as they are on malice. My message to my critics is this: if you knew what I know, you would... Continue Reading →

Missing Children might Be Married

SWEDEN. Nine children didn't return to school in Gothenburg after the summer and the worry is that they have been brought to their parents home countries and forced to get married.  Even though the municipal of Gothenburg tried to prevent this by informing all those who work with children to be watchful nine children haven't... Continue Reading →

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