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Greece Are Fed Up with the Migrants

GREECE/TURKEY. While mainstream media and the left want to open the borders to help the refugees fleeing the war numbers that the Greek parliament has released. The people who were arrested in the Evros region between February 28 and the 5th of March came from Afghanistan (64%), Pakistan (19%) , Turkey (5%), Syria (4%), Somalia… Continue reading Greece Are Fed Up with the Migrants

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A Summary of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

USA. The Democratic presidential candidates are debating and touring non-stop, but what they say are, as expected, contradictory. They are all, more or less, proposing the same things which leaves personal attacks as the only way to exclude their opponents. But though that's the case they doesn't aim for the others sore spots even though… Continue reading A Summary of the Democratic Presidential Candidates

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Coptic Woman Had Her Throath Slit

EGYPT. On January 12 this year a Muslim man in al-Wariq, Giza, crept up behind a Coptic woman walking home with groceries. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head back a and slit her throat. The womans name is Catherine Ramzi and she was rushed to the nearby medical center. Her throat was sewn with… Continue reading Coptic Woman Had Her Throath Slit

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Robbers Pissed in the Victims Mouth

SWEDEN. The new phrase here is "degradation robbery", förnedringsrån. It's another new interesting thing immigrants have enriched us with. "Liam", 18, was close to his home in Björkhagen, Stockholm, when the two immigrants, both 16-years old, who had followed him from the subway forced him to come with them. They said they had a knife… Continue reading Robbers Pissed in the Victims Mouth

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Immigrants Become Homeless

SWEDENS Health Agency has investigated the homelessness in the country and one group is increasing. Nearly half of those who are homeless in Sweden were born in other countries. The Agency calls this group "structurally homeless" and they are increasing. Another group among which you can see an increasing homelessness are elderly Swedes who have… Continue reading Immigrants Become Homeless