Children Torture Animals for Fun

SWEDEN. The organisation Djurens Vänner (Friends of the Animals) in Nässjö have alerted the public that animals are being mistreated. Chairman Annica Sjöberg says that people have notified them of cases where children and teenagers are tormenting hedgehogs, young hares and other wild animals. They use them as footballs, poke them with sticks and try … Continue reading Children Torture Animals for Fun


Immigrants Are a Burden on Health Care

SWEDEN. Mats Reimer is a pediatrician who wrote a very interesting debate article last week on why immigrants won't save the health care by working as nursing assistants, but need more care than Swedes. This applies particularly to dental care and a Danish study from 2010 show that caries are highest among children in families … Continue reading Immigrants Are a Burden on Health Care

Wanted to Take Pupils Food

SWEDEN. The politicians in the municipality of Lindesberg made the suggestion that schoolchildren should eat filmjölk for lunch one day a week. Children in Sweden have the right to eat lunch everyday in school and it's funded by municipal taxes. But as an effort to save money Lindesberg tried to switch the plate of hot … Continue reading Wanted to Take Pupils Food

Tommy Robinson Seek Asylum

UK. The treatment of Tommy is a disgrace and after loosing his case of having committed contempt of court his life is at risk. If he is sentenced to prison, where Islamist gangs reign, there is a immense risk that he will be killed. We all remember when he left prison last summer (for the … Continue reading Tommy Robinson Seek Asylum

The Hijab Debate

SWEDEN. I truly welcome every article, blogpost and tweet that question the hijab and in particular when it comes to children wearing it. There's a lot of Somali immigrants where I live so, unfortunately, I've grown accustomed to seeing girls under the age of ten wearing the hijab. I've even seen some cases of 2-3 … Continue reading The Hijab Debate

Children Terrorize Small Town

SWEDEN. Grums is a small municipality with only 5000 people living there. They have a problem with a group of children who terrorize other kids. And it has happened before. Grums have previously had the same problem with teenagers in another neighbourhood, but the problem with the 8-10 year olds have been going on for … Continue reading Children Terrorize Small Town

The State of Sweden

Two female police officers in Norröping were called out in May 2017 because a man had been seen climbing onto a balcony. The man resisted arrest so they had to call for backup and he started abusing them verbally. He called them hore, cop cunt and fucking pig. He said that they should surrender to … Continue reading The State of Sweden