In February 2018 I wrote a blog post on my old blog about the problems that I could see in my hometown with the large number of immigrants that have come here. Most of the problems are caused by a lack of integration. My tone in the post was worried & not in the least racist.

Several people around me reacted & though many supported my observations four people shunned me. Two of them said that they were dissapointed in me. That I was heartless. My sibling said I showed hatred against humanity & racism. None of them were capable to phrase what they were refering to & every attempt to discuss it ended in emotional outbursts from them.

I actually used to be very pro-immigration, until the problems here became so obvious that I got really worried. With terror attacks, gang criminality, shootings, assault- & gangrapes, parallel societys & so on the feeling of safety started to dissolve. I’m very troubled about how the situation will be for the next generation in Sweden and especially Christians. Especially since everybody have been busy looking the other way. It’s a recipe for disaster.

I am a Swedish conservative Catholic.

Facts isn’t racism nor is critique a phobia.

Not a member of any political party.

Culture relativism is idiotic.

Not opposed to immigration, but we must be practical.

I dislike the oppressive ideology of Islam, but not Muslims.

Free speech is for everybody, even idiots.

Not a feminist.

Socialism doesn’t work.

Some pointers:

  • I won’t publish private information about others, for example adresses or phone numbers. If your comment includes that it goes straight into the trash. The same goes for racism. If you want to make rants about ethnic groups this isn’t the place for you.
  • Since English is my second language the writing here won’t be perfect, but I hope you will have patience with me. As with many things on the blog it’s learning by doing.
  • I’m not a journalist and I make mistakes. I appreciate if you point them out.
  • I use the term No Go Area/Zone, even though some revolt against that. But I won’t say Particularly Vulnerable Areas, because it’s such a mouthful and I think it’s a term invented to diminish the problem.
  • I write Immigrant and Immigration, even though I know there’s a difference between that and Refugee.

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