IRAN/SWEDEN. There were 17 Swedes, whereof three had Swedish names, on the Ukranian plane that were shot down in Teheran. The media has made stories about some of them, but they leave a lot to be desired.

I’ll start by saying that I find the “accident” (no, I don’t think that Iran are telling the truth) absolutely horrible and unnecessary. But when I read the obituaries in the media it becomes painfully obvious what they are trying to hide.

Take Shahram Tajik for example. He came to Sweden 2014 from Iran when he was 15 years old with his older brother. Gunnel Boberg became his guardian and he moved in with her. She says that he had such a hard time when he fled here. But he has passed elementary school and was going to graduate from high school this year.

But what they aren’t saying is that Shahram must have payed a smuggler at least $3 000 to get into Europe (and the same amount for his brother). Where did that money come from? Were they really living in such despair? I suspect that he, and several of the others, in fact are Afghanis who claimed to have fled from Afghanistan, but who in reality came from Iran.

But why on earth were he and the others going back to holiday in the place that they had fled from?!!! The country that they claim to have fled from to save their lives! And the media just ignores this even though it’s so easy to see through.

Let me tell you what happened where I live and a lot of Somalis came here: they opened TWO travel agencies. There was only need for one regular agency before and after, but they obviously felt that there was a market for two to book travels to Somalia. And they do go home on holiday all the time. I wonder how they can afford it since they have no work and so many children.

I’m sorry that Shahram died, but the spectacle concerning these “refugees” makes me furious. If it’s so easy for them to go home they can stay there so we won’t have to pay for them anymore.

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