SWEDEN. I wrote the other day about a man at the mall of Kista, Stockholm, who refused to talk to the female staff in a store. Here’s more information.

The information comes from independent journalist Joakim Lamotte, who I have written about here. Many people have contacted him about the situation at the mall in Kista where women are treated so badly that they choose to quit their jobs. They have told him about sexual harrassment after their shift has ended outside of the mall, but also that male customers refuse to talk to them.

Some women have chosen to take the car to work instead of the tube or bus, but that doesn’t work that well either. She is afraid when she walks to her car after closing time. One woman describes how she used to park the car close to the mall, but unknown men came up to her car and knocked on her window and harrassed her. For a while she parked at the multistorey car park, but that became to expensive.

They feel that the problem with superreligious men who refuse to talk to them is increasing. The woman from the audioclip said to Joakim after the incident that she felt degraded and that this behaviour shouldn´t be allowed in Sweden (and it isn´t allowed to discriminate people). It wasn’t the first time she has had customers who refused to talk to her and her coworkers have the same experience. They feel that it’s happening more often and that is why she has left the mall in Kista to work in another place.

Swedens feministic politicians visited Iran & showed that they comply with sharia.

Society must draw the line here and support the women who are being victimized by these men. But which politician, police chief or business leader have the guts to do so? It’s more likely that they stay silent so sharia slowly becomes more common. Soon we might have two sets of rules and everybody will know that you have to take the supersoft approach when it comes to Muslims as to not offend their religious feelings. And that will always trump all other rights.

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