Vandalised Churches During 2019

SWEDEN. I have tried my best to compile all the cases of vandalised churches during this year.

Someone destroyed gates that led down to a grave chanchel in Trefaldighetskyrkan i Karlskrona. One year before the organ was smashed by a man who was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care and after that someone have left garbage in the church. The parish have decided to keep the church closed and only open when someone can be there to guard it.

On Friday the 13th of April the Baptistchurch in Ekeby, Karlskoga, was vandalised. A witness saw seven persons and they sprayed “God will go to hell” and stuff like that on the churchs wall. There was also writing on doors and windows.

The church of S:t Olof in Falköping dates back to the 1100s and one of the walls and its door hold bulletholes from when the Danes attacked during the 1600s. In the end of February that same wall wall spray painted with swastikas (turning right), the words Die Jew and Hitler and crosses turned upside down. The Reverend said it probably wasn’t satanism, but a boyish prank by children who didn’t feel well. He didn’t consider the blatantly antisemitic message (didn’t the poor boys know that Jews doesn’t go to churches) or that it would make sense if a racist scribbled one a mosque.

The church of North Solberga lies on the countryside between Nässjö and Eksjö and someone broke into it on September 11. They had tried, but failed to break into a safe and painted the walls with swastikas, penises and signs of the devil. There also stood IS, the Swedish short for ISIS, on several areas, but for some reason the police failed to mention this when they were interviewed. Strange.

Churches in the north of the city Uddevalla, where there are blocks mainly inhabited by immigrants, was vandalised several times during this fall. Windows were smashed and the entrance of one church was destroyed. Municipal buildings have also been attacked and the police say that they know who the perpetraitors are. After a man in his thirties was arrested in late October the vandalism stopped. The cost for the destruction is close to a million kronor.

A man who was heavily affected by drugs smashed windows of a church in Aneby. He also attacked cars nearby.

Stones were thrown through a large window of the church in Gunnebo, Västervik.

There were swastikas scribbled on the church of Stora Kopparberg in Falun and on one headstone in the cemetary with red spray paint. People who live close by say it happened on Friday the 29 of December. The swastikas was turning to the left which is the custom in China, Korea and Japan where it’s a sign used on maps to indicate the location of tempels. Damn those Japanese with their hate for Christianity and mapsigns! I imagine that genuine Nazis would know how it was done during the Third Reich.

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