This Is Why We Riot

SWEDEN. The riots in Kronogården in Trollhättan continues and the newspaper Expressen has published interviews with the young people there. Prepare for a sobstory.

Everybody is an innocent victim of oppression. It’s always the others who are misbehaving. This is the case in Kronogården also where the young men have to attack the police because they harrass them for no reason at all. As if the police doesn’t have other things to do.

The police stops these kids and asking for their name and age, probably looking for drugs. The young men tell Expressen that the riot started because the police stopped a car and yanked out the passangers threatening to drive them to and leave them in a forest (a police can be heard say that in a video). But I understand if the police gets irritated.

I would like to see the rest of the video to see how the manboys acted. I guess that they were loud, got up in the police officers faces, gesticulating and moving around a lot. A situation that’s aggressive and hard for the police to overlook. At any moment one of them could pull up a knife or gun. And if they are stopped wrongly the easiest way to clear it up is to keep calm and talk about it.

The young men that were interviewed claim that nobody listens to them and that that’s why they riot and burn (their neighbours) cars. They also said that nothing like this has ever happened in Kronogården which isn’t true. The problems in the neighbourhood has classified it as a no go zone.

Instead they shoot bangers and fireworks at the police, drive dangerously close to the policecars and the officers standing there. They scream insults, throw stones and last night a policeman got a bottle smashed into his head. They also attack the firemen and ambulance nurses that come to help. How is that going to make anything better?

The precense of the police is seen as defiant, a threat, and not a way to calm things down. Rioters in other parts of the country wrote signs saying: this isn’t Sweden anymore. It’s their area and the police and the Swedish law doesn’t have acess to it. They make the rules and demand respect. Or else.

Journalist Joakim Lamotte also visited Trollhättan

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