Tortured Couple for Hours

SWEDEN. Erik, 18, and his girlfriend Tindra, 18, attended a small party at their friend Pa Nyassis, 21, apartment. It almost got them killed.

Nyassi is a Muslim immigrant from Gambia and Erik got to know him through mutual friends. They had a good relationship and Erik even lived there from time to time. The party took place on the evening of the 16th of August this year.

Sometime during the night the conversation turned to nazis and Jews and when Tindra said that she was part Jewish Nyassi made it clear that he didn’t like that. When the couple tried to leave at 1:00 am Nyassi attacked them with a machete and overpowered them. Nyassis friend and “blood brother”, Afghan migrant Esmatullah Shirzad, 23, had been reported by Tindra for raping her in July and Nyassi had promised to witness on her behalf. But now he wanted Tindra to withdraw her report.

Nyassi pushed them into the bathroom and into the tub. He forced Erik to undress, cut him with the machete all over (at least three cuts were deep) and beat him with the steel pipe from a vacuum cleaner. Erik was whipped with a belt and Nyassi put out his cigarets on his body. He was forced to lie on the floor so Nyassi could stomp on his head while at the same time shooting at him with an air gun. At one point Erik was water boarded with scalding water. There were loud music on to drown out Eriks screams.

Nyassi also grabbed an electric shaver and started to shave Eriks hair to show him how “Hitler had treated the Jews”. Erik got the question if he liked Hitler. It’s obvious that Nyassi does as he has written about Hitler on his social media, calling him grandfather.

The girlfriend had to watch, but was also shot at and beaten in the head while he threatened to cut off her “Jewish nose”. Nyassi called her a whore and a fucking Jahoud (Jew in Arabic). He also put on some sort of turban and talked in Arabic, making it clear that he would decapitate Erik and hack them up. Nyassi poured laundry detergent over them so they got corrosive injuries all over and suffered tremendous pain.

He filmed parts of the torture and sent to Shirzad. The police have proof that they were in contact for one hour and twenty minutes that night, but the Afghan says that he only wanted to check that everybody was ok and that he told Nyassi to stop fighting. Erik and Tindra testified that she was forced to talk to Shirzad on the phone and he wanted her to take back the rape accusation and apologise. She heard Shirzad laugh as he ordered Nyassi to kill them both.


Tindra was able to escape when Nyassi had his attention on Erik. When he ran after her with the machete Erik managed to lock the apartment door and jump from a window. As they got help Nyassi left and traveled to Visby on Gotland where he was arrested on the 19th.

Erik got a stroke, a punctured lung, fratured his jaw and had a knee injury that has left him with reduced feeling in his calf. The skin on his head had cracked open and partly fallen off which is an indication of extreme violence. His doctor said during the trial that Erik was close to dying.

Nyassi was convicted to six months of youth welfare in 2016 for trying to cut the throat of a teenage boy he met in Stockholm and got into an argument with. In 2017 he was guilty of aggrevated assault for attacking a Swedish couple with a glas bottle and kicking them. He was given probation. This May he was part of a gang who stole the handbag of a woman in her seventies using a walker. But he snitched on one of his friends so he was only convicted for a minor drug offence.

The verdict for what he did to Erik and Tindra lands him in jail for five years and five months. Shirzad goes unpunished.

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