The State of Sweden

A group of people were told to leave the library in Trelleborg a week ago as they were disorderly, but they returned several times only to be turned away again. One of the times that they came back they threw sunflower seeds in the library and the last time they threw faeces. The staff reported it to the police. The head of the library says that the work enviroment has become much better since 2017 as there are less violence and vandalisation now.

Two men were shot to death in Norrköping on December 5th. Both were in their forties and one of them was a leader of the criminal gang No Surrender. The police label it as murder. After the murders a car was set on fire and later the police found an AK-47 and a Glock. The investigation is ongoing.

On the morning of December 5th a man was walking around in Gothenburg carrying a hammer saying that he would kill someone. A moment later a relative of his was found wounded and was taken to the hospital. The man was arrested by a heavily armed police. He is known by both the police and the secret service who regard him as a ISIS-returner. Last week he was arrested for grave assault, attempted devastation endangering the public and weapons crime. But he was released.

A girl, around fifteen years old, was dragged into a shrubbery and raped at 1:00 am on Sunday. It happened just as she had stepped off a bus in Hallstahammar. She didn’t know the man, but were able to describe him. The only thing the media has written is that he wore dark clothes. So if you see him give the Swedish police a call.

There was a riot last night in Trollhättans no go area Kronogården. 30-40 teenagers fired fireworks and threw stones at the police. The back window of a policecar got smashed and several cars in a parkinglot was set on fire. The firefighters had to wait until the police had secured the area, which they did using a helicopter and policedogs, before they could extinguish the fires. The riot started up again on Monday evening.

A suspicious object was found in the town of Eksjö at three am last night outside a pizzeria. It was deemed to be a bomb and people in the area was evacuated. The bombsquad desarmed it within a couple of hours.

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