Decent Ones Like Nobel & the Social Democrats

SWEDEN. The Nobel Prize celebrations are coming up and all the leaders of the political parties are invited to the banquet. But not the Sweden Democrats.

The reason for this are, according to the Nobel Foundation, that the party isn’t like other parties. They made their decision ten years ago and that the party is just as big as the Social Democrats doesn’t matter at all. This is their statement:

The party’s background in right-wing extremism and the actions of its representatives in the present shows a lack of respect for the basic principle that all people are equal in dignity and rights – regardless of skin color, provenance or religion.

But the Nobel Foundation is hardly living up to this standard themselves as representatives from Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Zimbabwe and Sudan have been invited over the years. And last year it was revealed that the foundation invests in companies that produce weapons, tobacco, coal and oil.

The Left Party, who have sucked up to every socialistic dictature that have existed and even were on Hitlers side when Soviet did, are invited. The Centre Party, whose party program was pure nazism before and during WWII, are invited.

And how about the Swedish Social Democratic Party? What are the Fathers of the Nation hiding in their closets? Plenty! Have the decent ones shown a lack of respect for others? Definitely! These articles are from the site The Social Democrats and the Truth (but other historical sources show the same things) and they are in Swedish. But run them through a translate program so you can read them.

There’s also Aron Flams exellent series This Is a Swedish Tiger (Det här är en svensk tiger) about the Social Democratic Party and antisemitism. Very few knows that the decent socialists got paid with Jewish gold by the Nazis and even fewer know that they haven’t returned it to the rightful owners. The last request from Jewish survivors were refused by them in the 90’s. That’s obviously a decent thing to do.

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