Gay Iraqi Minister Commits Fraud in Sweden

52-year old Najah al-Shammari is the well-paid minister of defense in IRAQ who, at the same time, is a refugee on sick leave in SWEDEN. He takes idea of split personality to a whole new level.

al-Shammari became the minister of defense this June and he has a military background, including a M.A. in military knowledge and a prosperous career as a military officer. After only a few months as a minister he’s being investigated for war crimes as 350 people have been killed and 15 000 have been injured in Iraq in demonstrations since October. al-Shammari is ultimately responsible for the actions of the military,, but he claims that it’s Iranian militias that are shooting at the protesters.

But that’s just one of his problems. al-Shammari came to Sweden in 2009, got his permanent recidence permit in 2011 and became a Swedish citizen in 2015. During these years he has lived on disability pension due to “problems with his memory”. Also he has, according to the Swedish police, been the suspect in no less than nine different cases since 2015.

Since this November he and his wife/cousin are under investigation of welfare fraud as they have written in their applications, for several different benefits, to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency that they doesn’t have an income. Both of them have signed the document. It’s unknown how much money they have defraud over the years.

al-Shammari is also being investigated for false registration as he has used his clans name on applications before, but now he’s registred under his family name. He has also filed that he lives in a suburb to Stockholm, but the fact is that the entire family lives in Iraq since a couple of years and only return for about a week every year. Their apartment in Sweden is leased to somebody else and the children are enrolled in private schools (I guess it’s on paper only). A recent police report, in which somebody had ordered stuff in al-Shammaris name, a relative says that he has been abroad since January 2019.

This man is also a closet homosexual which got him into trouble in the military which led to an investigation. But he was aquitted and therefore escaped the death sentance. Now he’s in trouble once more, mainly with his family, but I doubt that his political career will survive this. His wife found texts to other men on al-Shammaris phone and one of them is a Swedish man in his twenties. Here’s some of what the minister sent to him:

”You my love” ”And meet sex sex sex I love you”

“I want to fuck you sex sex sex” “I like your ass”

His wife gave them to the Swedish police as she reported al-Shammari for abusing her and their children both physically and mentally. She has also filed for a divorce in Sweden as he’s cheating on her and are having sex with men. One of their sons has said this to the police:

The mother says that her father has beaten her for many years, but that it has gotten worse. The father beat the mother over the weekend and took a stranglehold on her. After that incident, Mom told Dad that she will call the police and Dad said that it doesn’t matter and that he will throw her out the window if she contacts the police.

On November 23 al-Shammari wrote on FB that he is planning to sue the Swedish and Arabic media. The Swedish Embassy in Iraq have had a meeting with him to discuss the situation and get his side of the story. The Swedish government as well as the foreign and defense committees have had extra meetings as this scandal may affect our troops that are stationed in Iraq.

This story really has it all! And most of all it has lies, from beginning to end. Pretending to be in need of asylum, pretending to be sick, pretending to be poor and on and on. I really hope they lose their citizenships so they can stay and enjoy Iraq. Let’s see how well they treat an openly gay man or a woman in need of a divorce. Don’t come running back to Sweden when it’s convenient and use our taxmoney.

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