The Cuts Planned by the Municipalities

SWEDEN. SVT sent a enkät in October to all 290 municipalities in the country asking them how they will handle their economic difficulties. 214 of them answered.

It was just some years ago, after 2015 and forward, that the politicians and opinion-formers claimed that mass-immigration wasn’t a threat to Swedens welfare system. We could afford all expenses as the immigrants were such a resource.

Fast forward to 2019 and the municipalities are close to bancrupcy and 82% answered that they have to save money. And exactly as those of us that warned that the money won’t cover all expenses the savings targets are the core buisnesses: the societies frailest and/or most important things.

  • 54% will save on preschool/child care – 60% staff, 54% administration, 38% premises, 62% operating costs.
  • 62% will save on elemantary school and high school – 64 %, 52% administration, 35% premises, 67% operating costs.
  • 62% will save on the care of the elderly – 66 % staff, 48% administration, 30% premises, 64% operating costs.
  • 46% will save on the care of the handicapped – 55% staff, 47% administration, 22% premises, 64% operating costs.
  • 50% will save on individual and family utility projects – 40% staff, 48% administration, 21% premises, 68% operating costs.
  • 51% will save culture and spare time projects (includes libraries) – 47% staff, 45% administration, 30% premises, 69% operating costs.
  • 41% will save on infrastructure and safeguarding – 24% staff, 41% administration, 22% premises, 85% operating costs (maintainance of roads, streetlights, snowclearance).
  • 43% will save on other things.

One have to know that these are the areas that have been the target of savings for year so they are already operating under reductions. Also, hospitals, which are managed by the county councils (landstingen), are starting to save and some have already instated a freeze on hiring. And then there’s the depression that’s up ahead. Stupid, politically correct politicians.

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