Nobody Saw This Coming?

SWEDEN. Prime minister Stefan Löfven was interviewed on the TV-show Agenda on Sunday evening about the current state of Sweden. His answers was absolutely astonishing!

The show has explained that their goal with the interview was to hear Löfvens opinion about what causes the gangviolence and how it could be prevented. According to him this situation has been caused by segregation and I must add that the segregation have mostly been brought on by the politics his party has practiced for at least 30 years. But Löfven takes the opportunity to blame the right and he’s not wrong, they all share blame. But it would be fitting to take a bit of responsibilty and show humbleness.

He said that the key to end the differences between classes is to ensure that everybody gets a good education, finish high school and gets a job. That will make people choose work instead of a criminal career. The problem with this classic socialistic idea is that these kids have access to education, but chooses to raise hell in school instead of studying. It’s not cool to study and be Swedish. And as one criminal once said: why toil when you can make a fortune on crime?

But the most infurating thing he said was when he claimed that nobody saw this coming. It’s been the only thing that people have talked about for years! Professionals in different occupations have raised the alarm, but the only reaction has been to call them racists, ostracise them and talk nonsens about how we must guard Swedens reputation. A glossy surface and staying in power is more important for the political elite than a functioning society.

Löfven can’t find any connection between the criminality and the huge immigration. He even went as far as saying that criminality would have been present in the no go-areas no matter who lived there. If you placed Swedes to live under those circumstances they would form gangs and shoot each others too. We would gangrape, join terrorist organisations, steal, burn cars, sabotage our schooling and so on. In a later interview he said that the subject is being “ethnified”.

Have I told you about my grandfather? He grew up as “statare”, the very lowest class of farmworkers, who was seen as rabble. They were hired for minimal wages, which often was food and alcohol, and the whole family had to work. The employer provided miserable housing that were infested with vermin. Two adults and 15 children lived in one room and a kitchen. My grandfather has told me how they walked barefoot as much as possible to not fray on the shoes. One of his sisters were given mittens and handkerchiefs by classmates because her winter clothes were so thin that she was constantly sick.

Why didn’t my grandfather, his siblings or the other statar-children become criminals? Instead granpa worked his whole life as a bricklayer and died from the consequences of occupational injuries. Löfven is right that it isn’t about skincolor or where you were born. It’s about culture.

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