The Sweden Democrats Are the Largest Now

SWEDEN. A poll presented yesterday showed that the Sweden Democrats are now the biggest party!

It’s been a close call for a number of times and yesterday Aftonbladet/Demoskop showed that the Sweden Democrats got 24% and passed the Social Democrats which only got 22,2%. That’s a drop for S from 28,3% in the election of 2018. This is a huge thing as S have dominated politics for almost a hundred years and it’s also a big psychological victory for SD.

Swedish Ministers visit Iran in 2017. One of many reason why we don’t trust them.

They have been the outcast that have won the peoples trust by highlighting the problems with immigration while the other parties suffer from full on osterich-syndrome. Jimmy Åkesson, party leader of SD, isn’t surprised and said that he’s been expecting this all along. He has said that he want SD to work together with the Moderate and Christian Democrats Party and together they get 49,4%. I hope that this continues so there will be some much needed changes here.

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