China Threathens Swedish Politicians

CHINA/SWEDEN. Gui Minhai, a Chinese-Swedish publisher who has been in Chinese detention since October 17 2015, was awarded the Tucholsky Prize, a literary scholarship, yesterday.

But the Chinese government doesn’t approve at all and turned up their rethoric another notch when ambassador Gui Congyou delivered a direct threat to those involved in the matter. They shouldn’t feel at ease as they have hurt the feelings of the entire Chinese people. Also, any government representative who attended the ceremony will be declared unwelcome in China.

But Amanda Lind, Minister of Culture from the Green Party, wasn’t intimitaded and, for once, the government and prominent politicians have taken a stand. They doesn’t just critique Chinas actions, but also how the country is run. The Left Party even said that the ambassador should be deported! And since Gui Congyou has been summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs more than 40 times the last couple of years it would be understandable if he was.

The Tucholsky Prize is given to authors and publishers who are under threat, persecution or have had to flee their country. As Gui Minhai is unable to attend the ceremony an empty chair was placed on the stage to represent him.

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