The War Against Swedes

SWEDEN. If you look at what takes place during some of the robberies you find that it’s about something more than wanting or needing material things.

It’s about showing power and about degrading the victim as much as possible. It’s about venting rage. Like the case with the 18-year old who got his ear, or parts of it, cut off. Or 20-year old Niclas who was beaten into a pulp and then forced to get on his knees and kiss the perpetraitors shoes.

A study from 2005, fittingly enough named “We wage war against the Swedes”, show that the robberies is about power, status and are used as a way to fortify which group you belong to. The immigrants interviewed doesn’t feel Swedish and take out their anger on Swedes.

The study from Brå that was released in October show that those born in Sweden by parents who are born abroad are three times as likely to commit a crime and six times as likely to murder someone compared with Swedes. Those from the Middle East showed to be particularly disposed to criminality.

The multicultural experiment has, via a failed integration, turned this country into a bomb that’s slowly ticking away.

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