Christians Choose Muslim Names

PAKISTAN. All who have met a child know that they are naive and clueless. They say and do what they want without understanding how it may be interpreted by others and that’s often adorable. But not when you live under Islamic opression.

Christians face widespread discrimination and instances of outright persecution in Pakistan, which is the fifth country on the World Watch List. False blasphemy accusations, mob violence, abductions and rape are only a few of the abuses Pakistani Christians are forced to endure because of their faith. And children are victimized in these ways to. There’s no wonder that Christian parents are afraid and instruct the kids on how they must act.

Bishop Samson Shukardin of Hyderabad says that Christians are giving their children Islamic names to conceal their faith and help them avoid persecution and abuse. This is especially done to avoid that the children become targets of abuse in the country’s public school system.

If they write anything or misspell anything to do with the prophet Muhammad, they can be in serious danger, one parent told International Christian Concern. In fact, the other side of this is that they are made to answer questions saying what a wonderful man he was.

Christian children also often experience that they don’t have many friends to play with. One reason for this is that something as innocent as playing soccer can create grudges which are then settled by accusing the Christian child of blasphemy. Anything, no matter how small, can be the spark that starts a fire that will lead to suffering or even death.

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