The differences in Scandinavian Immigration

SWEDEN. The politicians are constantly assuring us that immigration is at a minimum level now. Well, the numbers tells another story.

Below you can see the number of granted residence permits for asylum seekers in the Scandinavian countries in 2018. Immigration of family members or criminals posing as labour migrants aren’t included.

  • Sweden: 25 114
  • Norway: 1 800
  • Denmark: 1 652
  • Finland: 2 740

Also, since 1980 Sweden has granted 2,5 million residence permits. 38% were to family members. Why not follow the UN’s convention which states that refugees should return home when the conflict is over?

It’s strange how the same international rules lead to such different outcomes and how the Swedish minimum levels are much higher than the others regardless if they are members of the EU or not. I suspect that the politicians are lying to us. Again.

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