Is This the New Normal?

SWEDEN. Bombthreats and explosions have become a daily occurence here and nobody hardly reacts to headlines anymore. The bomb squad are currently hiring to cope with the demand and between January and September there were 172 incidents.

Here’s what happened this week.

14/10: A bomb exploded outside the door of the police station in Staffanstorp at five in the morning.

15/10: A suspicious object was found in the area Fosie in Malmö outside an auto company. It looked like a thermos with two white sticks on it and the police confiscated it. They later said that they had found several objects containing explosives.

16/10: A car inside an auto company in the East Port in Malmö caught fire, but the firefighters stopped their work and pulled back because the scenario reminded too much of what happened in Fosie the day before. No explosives were found.

A bomb exploded at four am in the carport of a house in Hässleholm. No person was harmed.

17/10: There was an explosion on Södermalm in central Stockholm in the night. Nobody was injuried, but windows were blown out and the explosion was so strong that the houses shook. It might be connected to a bomb in Huddinge the weekend before.

There was also an explosion in a community center in Vaxholm the same night.

There was also an explosion in Södertälje that night outside the entrance of the Syrian-Ortodox church S:t Efraims. The police was close by as they had been called there only an hour before because seven cars had been put on fire. The church have been bombed in June this year and in the autumn of 2018, but the investigators didn’t find anything (90% of last years bombings are unsolved). But both the church and the city is well-known for it’s mafia and crimes.

18/10: There was an explosion during the night outside the door of a house in Sävsjö. The door and parts of the house was destroyed.

An explosion went off in an apartment in Frölunda, Gothenburg, at eleven pm.

20/10: A patio exploded in Gislaved and the police found a dangerous object, but it wasn’t strong enough to cause more than minor injuries.

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