Animal Cruelty for Fun

SWEDEN. I became a witness to something yesterday that’s becoming all to common nowadays.

I was at the library with my kid to return some books and when we entered there was a dog sitting outside. She looked like a lapphund, only slightly smaller. She was tied to a bench and sat quiet, watching the door attentively. When we came back outside, after just a few minutes, she was barking, jumping and pulling her leash like mad.

Two Somali boys, maybe 13-years old, were “circling” her, but when they saw us they pulled back, giving us that look of assessing if we had seen anything. I didn’t see any guilt in their expressions. There were other people close by, perhaps ten meters away, but that had no effect on the boys.

The little dog was furious and kept on barking. I stopped and pretended to check my phone so I could watch them. Not very subtle, but I couldn’t leave them to continue with whatever they were doing. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t dare to call them out fearing that they would take it out on my kid back in school. It’s a small town.

One of them kept slowly going back to the dog, looking towards us to see if we were watching and as we did he backed away. Then he started barking to agitate the dog and shortly thereafter the owner came out and walked away with the dog.

I know that many dogowners have experienced things like this and I find it alarming. When the politicians decided that immigrants could assimilate to the degree that they want I doubt that they thought this could happen. They probably though that some values were universal or that the immigrants would want to change into Swedes. Such conceitment. And the animals are paying the prize.

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