Christian Woman Flees from Family in Somalia

SOMALIA is a Muslim nation and the second worst country in the world for Christians according to Open Doors World Watch List.

Sa’aada became interested in reading the books that are considered as holy by Islam and after reading the Bible she secretly converted to Christianity. That was in the late 2000’s. In 2010 she married a Muslim man, but never told him about her faith.

They had two children together and during those years Sa’aada stopped following openly (which I think means that she stopped seeing other Christians and visit housechurches. Being “loud and proud” about leaving Islam for Christianity is lethal in Somalia). In 2017 she recommitted herself to Christ.

In early 2019 Sa’aada figured it would be okay to ask her husband for the money and permission to buy a Bible. As he chewed khat she believed that he wasn’t a faithful Muslim. But he got very upset and said that she could not have a Bible. Then he went and told the entire family that Sa’aada was a Christian. They in turn called her to a meeting where they were going to judge her for reading the Bible.

As the verdict was likely to be death Sa’aada fled and left her husband, children and life behind. She is now living in a completely different part of Somalia without any support or protection from a family or a clan.

I will pray för Sa’aada and the Christians in Somalia.

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