Chaos in My Kids School

SWEDEN. I was at a meeting at the school where my child goes the other day because of fighting and other disturbances that makes it almost impossible to study.

The children in question goes to the sixth grade, which means that they are twelve years, and they have all gone to other schools before. I can’t really take in that anyone, and especially children, can behave as bad as they do. Shouting, cursing in really vulgar ways (sexist, homphobic and racist words are used daily) to each other and even to the the teachers (!), throwing furniture, spitting classmates in the face, tearing up clothes, making threats, fighting, filming the fights and spreading it online, being late for class, not bringing the book needed or a pen, not sitting still, talking and so on.

At the meeting the principal mentioned that there was a problem with groups that have conflicts with each other, but as we live in Politically Correct-land she never specified who was in these groups. But there isn’t a need for that since we all know that it’s the immigrants. According to my kid those from the middle east are the worst, followed closely by the Somalis and after that some from Balkan.

One aspect of it is that the ones from the Middle East are racists and can say that the Somalis aren’t allowed to touch them or their belongings as they are dirty and full of bacteria. So they fight each others and then there can be fights within the groups. The ethnic Swedes are the minority in several of the classes.

Many of the children have ADHD and other diagnosis like that and they used to have assistants in their old schools. Some even had to sit with screens around them because they couldn’t concentrate if they saw their classmates. But for some reason, probably to save money, this school haven’t hired anyone to help out. So it’s one teacher with 25 students whereof half or more are behaving like madmen. And all of them have a hard time with all subjects.

One (brave) father mentioned that integration is impossible when the immigrated children are so many. And their needs are so vast that they take all of the teachers time. But then a hipster dad reacted and started telling an incoherent story about how all problems had gone away in the area which the principal had called “close to a no go zone” just minutes ago. Hipster dads point was that ethnicity had nothing to do with this and his rant was a signal to the other dad to be quiet. A Somali mom* chimed in too saying that Brave Dad should visit the class which must have made some kind of sense to her, but it didn’t to anyone else.

The truth is that these kids come from families that lack study cultures and where the parents might even be illiterate. Even if they want the best for their children and encourages them they doesn’t have the skills to help them. But many of the children doesn’t seem interested in learning and some say that they won’t need for example maths as they will work as taxidrivers or in the supermarket. It’s more likely that they end up in the nearby park where teens gather to take drugs and sell stolen goods.

To be frank: what is the problem with immigrants who behave like this when they are with kids from the same culture? I wouldn’t ask that if this was a local problem, but it’s the same thing in city after city. And the ambitious children, who can’t learn in the way that they have capacity to do, doesn’t get any headlines. Nobody has time for them when Abdullahi is shouting about fucking the teachers mother.

*The Somali parents had a hard time sitting still for the hour that the meeting lasted. I wasn’t the only one who thought that perhaps it isn’t so strange that their children can’t be still. It was really annoying.

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