Update on Police Department Attack

FRANCE. We are told the same things after every terrorattack and that that narrative slowly falls apart.

The attack that killed four in a police departement in Paris is now being investigated as a case of terrorism. The murderers wife has been questioned at length and could provide evidence that he had contact with Salafists and a terrorist organization. Apparently the perpetraitor had defended the attack on Charlie Hebdo where twelve persons were murdered. Also he didn’t convert 18 months ago, it was ten years ago.

The wife also said that her husband had complained about hearing voices the day before the attack. He was incoherent and aggitated and also suffered a “dementia attack”. So was the attack caused by mental illness*, islamophobia** or ideology? The investigation continues.

*Which seems to be what relatives always suggest in these situations and I can’t help to suspect that it’s whitewashing. Also, you don’t have attacks of dementia. My guess is that he was so stressed out by what he was about to do and his imminent death that he showed these symptoms.

**The perpetraitor had shared a post on Facebook on how Islamophobic France is*** so it’s likely that he considered himself as an oppressed victim.

***There are many Muslim countries where there isn’t any Islamophobia at all. They even have those perfect sharia laws that Islamists are so fond of.

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