Lowers Temperatures in Retirement Homes

SWEDEN. The municipality of Motala must save money as they have “lived above their means” as Kåre Friberg, local politician for the Moderate Party, puts it.

The population in Motala is 43 756 (June 2019) and in 2014 15% were born abroad. Many immigrants have been placed there so now the percentage must be much higher, but I couldn’t find any numbers. This means that more people are dependent on welfare. Another element is the increase in crime which leads to differnt kinds of expenses.

A new project is starting up this autumn to support newly arrived parents whose children are between the ages of zero and seventeen. Motala has recieved 900 000 kronor ($92 030) from the county administrative board. I can’t verify this, but I suspect that one reason for this project is an increased number of reports to the social services about children being mistreated. That has been the development in other municipalities.

The city were given 25 million kronor ($2 556 394) in November 2018 from the state to prevent segregation, better school results, increase employment, lower criminality, improve democracy and civil society. But these money isn’t enough by a long shot. It’s easy to see that the immigrants who would save the economy in fact is a giant burden.

Now to the main thing: to save money the municipality decided to lower the heath in retirement homes, from 23ºC to 20ºC (73ºF to 68ºF). One reason that was given was that they had done so in their offices and it had worked out just fine. The seniors could use blankets! The director-general of the Public Health Agency of Sweden Johan Carlson took to Twitter writing that their remmendations are 22-24ºC (71-75ºF) for the elderly.

Old peoples blood circulation are impoverished which means that they gets cold more easily, they often sit still as they have a hard time moving around and they often have medical issues that affect their wellbeing. Should they have to be constantly wrapped in blankets to save money? Especially when they pay a lot for their room at the retirement home. The politician listened to the massive critique and now says that they won’t lower the temperature below 22ºC and the same goes for the day cares.

Another suggestion on how to save money is to stop serving the elderly a hot meal in the evening that have been cooked in large-scale catering establishments. Instead they would get pre-cooked lunch boxes to heat in the microwave. A really bad suggestion as it’s well-known that old people are prone to malnutrition. But I hope that this will never become true. They will also cut down on childrens food in schools.

So now we are at the point where the money is running out, the days that many of us warned about. We knew that the politicians would economise on everyday people and raise the taxes, but we were only called racists. There’s no wonder that the Swedendemocrats are the second biggest party now because this is what political correctness leads to.

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