The State of Sweden

Some of the things that happened during a couple of days in The New Sweden.

An 18-year old woman was shot dead in her kitchen in Råckstad, Stockholm, at the night of 28/8. A car passed by and shot through the window. It’s believed that a criminal man was the intended target.

Two men in their forties were arrested on Tuesday 3/9 for having kidnapped a man. They tortured, beat and cut him. They also put a pistol and a crossbow to his head threathened to kill him. This went on for hours and it took place in Stockholm.

Late night on 4/9 there was an explosion in a parking lot near an apartment house in Kristianstad . Four cars were damaged, but not any persons. A 35-years old man was arrested the next day.

The area Högaholm in Malmö are plagued with violence and on the fourth of September a bomb went of outside an apartment. Again. The place was in shambles, but luckily noone got injured. At the same time shots were fired towards another apartment in the same house. The residents are very afraid and some are considering moving. A woman said:

I come from Mexico and a lot of things happen there, but it’s much worse here in Malmö. My relatives in Mexico doesn’t believe me when I tell them what happens here in Malmö.

There was a shooting in Landskrona on 5/9 and witnesses heard six shots being fired at a parking lot. Nobody was harmed and the police only found empty shells there. There have been shootings and bombings in the small city (32 000 residents) throughout the summer.

An attorney was shot in his head, chest and abdomen yesterday morning when he was leaving his apartment on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The shooter was a man around 30-40 years old. Online rumours says it might be a female ex-attorney who has hired a hitman. Another theory is that it linked to the man profession.

A woman called the police early this morning in Åkersberga in the municipality of Österåker. She was attacked in the center of the town by a man who came on a bike. He had a knife and raped her.

The politicians, except for the Sweden Democrats who weren’t invited, have decided to meet for discussions about the criminality once a week. For an hour. And at the same time Stefan Löfven declares that violence in Sweden haven’t increased at all. So nothing will change anytime soon.

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