Fulani Attacks Christians

CAMEROON. Christians were attacked in the early morning of Sunday last week by Fulani Militia. It’s unknown how many were injured and killed.

It took place in the city of Wum where 90% of the residents are Christian and Fulani youth have been encouraged by government actors to attack farmers there. The attackers dragged out the forepeople from theire homes and one of them was Bible translator Angus Abraham Fung. He was cut to death with a machete and his wife Evelines arm was cut off. She survived after recieving care at a local hospital.

Angus was an important leader among Christians and took part in translating the New Testament to the local language Aghem. He also worked to increase literacy in the area.

Boko Haram is also active in Cameroon and on July 29 they attacked Kalagari, a Christian village in the north of the country. Eight women were taken as hostage and before they were released the terrorists cut of their ears.

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