15-year old Kidnapped & Raped by Afghan

SWEDEN. Last Sunday a 15-year old girl was kidnapped in Ludvika and on Wednesday, the fourth of September, she was found in an apartment in Gävle with an Afghan man.

The had been playing in a school yard just minutes from here home, but never returned home. During the days when she was missing she was held by the man and raped several times. She posted two videos on social media during the time in which she was very sad and said that she wanted to die.

The girl has an intellectual disability and is said to be like a seven or eight year old. This isn’t the first case of Afghans grooming and raping girls with these kinds of handicaps. To take advantage of these trusting girls who can’t distinguish a friend from a predator is especially cruel and conniving.

The man who had taken her is a 21-year old Afghan who have lived in Iran since he was one years old. He was one of the unaccompanied refugee children who came here in 2014. His brother is also in Sweden. And even though they have fled from oppression and the risk of death they have travelled back to Iran on vaccation. The man was supposed to or did marry a woman in Teheran.

When he returned to Sweden he smuggled prescription medicines containing opoids and was caught at customs. He claimed that a friend have given him the bag of pills to help with his cold. His punishment was 70 hours of community service and deportion wasn’t even discussed. He has since been granted permanent asylum despite of this. I hope he gets deported this time.

Update 6/9 2019 13.00: The man has been released and the charge that he kidnapped the girl has been closed down. What took place isn’t considered a crime says district prosecutor Birgitta Fernlund. When it comes to the rapes the suspicion doesn’t fulfill probable cause. My guess is that the mans manipulation made her follow him and as she believes everybody is her friend she followed freely. Perhaps it’s the same thing with the rapes.

It seems clear to me that the laws doesn’t take into consideration how people with mental handicaps function and therefore lacks the ability to protect them.

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