Che for the Kids

SWEDEN. Below you can see a clip from the states childrens channel, SVT Barn, that once again shows how biased they are to the left.

Here’s my transcript of what they say:

– This is the first tattoo I did, the man says.

– Who is it on the picture on your arm? the girl wonders.

– It’s a guy that I think had many good values. His name is Che Guevara. It’s his picture here and some writing.

– What does it say?

– “It’s better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.” That approximately means: one should keep struggling and stand ones ground.

That’s not how I would interpret that quote. As Guevara was a massmurdering antidemocrat who even confessed to his father in a letter that he enjoyed killing I see the quote as an idolatry of violence and revolution, specially when you know that he encouraged his followers to hate their enemies.

Castro, Ches partner in crime, shooting a man

And the enemies were ordinary people. Farmers, nuns, homosexuals. When Guevara took control over the La Cabaña prison he killed the prisoners hand over fist after fake trials and even tore down a wall so he could see the executions from his office. Che was a Stalinist, even after the dictators atrocities became known, and sometimes he signed his letters Stalin II.

Now we are eagerly awaiting the show where a nazi gets to praise SS Special Commando Oskar Dirlewanger (someone neo-Nazis actually admire).

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