SWEDEN. Two women weren’t allowed to enter a shop because of their clothes.

This didn’t take place in the middle east, but in the little city of Oskarshamn on Swedens east coast. The two women, who are 25 years old, tried to enter the shop when a 35-year old man stopped them. He said that their clothes were wrong and wouldn’t let them enter because of that.

When they tried to enter anyway he pushed one of them and threatened them both. The police says that the womens clothes weren’t appropriate according to their culture and traditions, which means that the women are immigrants or of immigrant descent. The man reprimanded them for not looking like they should and his point must have been that they shouldn’t look Swedish or western. It’s also another example of how women can’t choose the hijab and such clothes freely, as social control plays a big part.

The mans connection to the store isn’t known.

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