Planned Terror Attack in Östersund

SWEDEN. A man was arrested on Thursday the 15th for planning a terror attack in the city centre.

He was drawing attention to himself by driving back and forth so somebody called the police. When they chased him he crashed into a stone slab in central Östersund. They found several knives in the car and the man has confessed that he had plans to drive into a crowd of people.

He also said that he felt threatened to commit the crime which means that others are involved. But also, feeling threatened isn’t the same as actually being threatened to perform a crime. To me it seems like an attempt to diminish his responsibility especially as he claim that he was never going to go through with it.

The man is 32-years old and came here with his family from Kazakhstan, where 70% are Muslims, passing through Poland in 2012. The reason they gave was that they were threatened to their lives by a mob boss. They also said that they came from Uzbekistan, but the man has later admitted that all of it was a lie. They were denied asylum several times and during a period they hid from the police. The last denial came in 2016 and the family was deported. They returned a year ago and was here on a time limited work permit. He has worked in the health care field.

People who know him says that he is a normal person. Honest, reliable and hard working. At the same time his connections to Rakhmat Akilov, who drove over people with a truck in Stockholm 2017, are being investigated. And the family lived close to Strömsund where terrorists were arrested last year.

The police quickly assured that the public weren’t at risk and didn’t have to worry. Until the next reliable and normal immigrant does something like this.

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