Rapes Keep Increasing

SWEDEN. Borås, Hedemora, Uppsala, Piteå, Stockholm, Skellefteå, Helsingborg and Malmö all have one thing in common.

They are cities where there have been rapes in the last two weeks, but I suspect that it has happened in more places. These rapes were assault rapes that took place outside and were performed by strangers. Only in Stockholm the rapes and attempted rapes have increased by 16% compared with last year and nationally the increase, for the first six months of 2019, is 8%.

In central Uppsala there have been four rapes four days in a row. It’s likely that they aren’t connected so we are talking about four different men. The police are warning women of using parks and alleyways, but women shouldn’t be afraid just should think about “how they act”. What they mean by that isn’t defined except for the advice to talk in the phone while they walk home.

But the light of day and walking down a busy street didn’t stop two men from attacking a woman in Karlskrona from behind, pushing her down to the groung and feeling her up. Luckiliy she managed to get away. But she was wearing headphones so that’s another thing that we should avoid. Our freedom are slowly being constricted.

A 19-year old woman in Piteå was dragged into a garage by ten men who are described as having dark skin and black hair. One of them raped her while the others stood watching.

And the strange thing is that the police are absolutely clueless when it comes to the descriptions of these men, even in the cases when they ask the public for help. And if the police finally release a description, and it’s always of an immigrant, there’s the media who deliberately cover it up. SVTs response to why they witheld the description of the men in Piteå was that they “didn’t think it would lead to an arrest”. They should report the news, not decide what the public need to know!

Also only 19% of nationally registred immigrants who have been convicted of rape are deported so the punishments are to weak. In one case the man got to stay because a deportation would be unreasonably hard on him and it was unhumanitarian to send him home. But what about is victims who risk meeting him again and should he have access to the social benefits in Sweden?

This is what the feministic country has boiled down to: not a place where woman have access to all places at all times, but one where we stay inside, carry self-defense spray and have to check ourself so we’re not at risk of or possibly even provoke an attack.

And then the stats for the first six-months show:

  • 624 287 crimes reported
  • 153 shootings: 23 dead and 49 injured
  • 906 reports concerning weapons crime, an increase by 10%

Update 10:40: A young woman has reported that the was raped by several men in an apartment in Stockholm last week.

Update 9/8: a 19-year Afghan man has been arrested for one of the rapes in Uppsala. His victim was a teenage girl.

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