Ordered to Leave the Bus because of Her Clothes

SWEDEN. Amanda Hansson, 19, was told to leave a bus in Malmö as the driver thought that her clothes was to revealing.

It was on Friday the 26th at 11.05 AM that Amanda got on the bus wearing shorts and a top that showed a bit of her stomach. Totally normal clothes for young women, especially when it’s 27°C (80.6ºF) and sunny. But the driver stopped her and said that she wasn’t allowed to ride the bus if she didn’t put some clothes on. She wasn’t allowed to show that much skin. He claimed that the bus company had this policy, but that isn’t true.

This instantly sparked debate on social media and though most were taking Amandas side there were some who tried to make this into that the driver was trying to protect her. In other words: women must cover up or it’s their own fault when men can’t control themselves. How very #metoo of them.

Neither Amanda nor any media publication has mentioned the drivers ethnicity, but as almost all busdrivers in Malmö are immigrants and Muslims any drew that conclusion. The way that he phrased himself is another clue as it echoes the reasoning of Islam. And I have a hard time imagining a Swedish man making these kind of comments as they know that this is a normal way to dress and that sexist behaviour would get them in trouble.

The driver has been suspended during an investigation.

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