SWEDEN. Mats Reimer is a pediatrician who wrote a very interesting debate article last week on why immigrants won’t save the health care by working as nursing assistants, but need more care than Swedes.

This applies particularly to dental care and a Danish study from 2010 show that caries are highest among children in families where the mothers isn’t Danish. From personal experience I have seen how Africans have a different attitude to sugar and give it to their children daily. Obesity and type 2 diabetes used to be limited to rich countries, but that isn’t the case anymore as junk food is cheap to buy. In Palestine 15-20% of adults have diabetes type 2 which is just staggering.

But the most severe consequence are the functional disabilities that are more common among immigrants. Like autism which is increased among second generation immigrant and especially among Somalis. The same goes for cerebral palsy where 17% of all with this condition in Sweden have immigrant background. Among those who practice cousin marriage the number of children with intellectual disabilities, deformities and rare genetic diseases are higher compared to Swedes. Then there’s also infections and haematological diseases that didn’t use to exist here, but now do.

Reimer also mentions how hard it is to provide good care when the patient or patients parents doesn’t talk Swedish. With an interpretor the visit takes twice as long, but Reimer experiences that he only gets half of the information that he need. The risk of making an error increases and the patient is put at risk.

So there’s no wonder when ninety year old women with high blood pressure loose the specialist phycisian that have managed their health for years and instead are told to go to the health center when they “feel the need”. It’s out with the old and in with the new. Or should I be so bold as to say: it’s out with the taxpayers and in with the welfare recipients?

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