Volvo Might Have to Leave Sweden

SWEDEN. The CEO of Volvo, Håkan Samuelsson, was interviewed by the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet where he expressed his concerns about the companies future.

Håkan said that there was a reluctance among tech experts and engineers to move to Gothenburg where the headquarters are. Volvo is slowly losing the appeal of among the specialists that they need to keep up with the market. The reasons he has experienced are the lack of affordable housing and ackommodation in schools as well as the high crime rate in the city.

He even mentioned that Volvo might have to leave Sweden in the future, but Samuelsson was quick to add that that isn’t something that’s even on the agenda yet. But they might have to do this if the situation doesn’t get better. The police chief Erik Nord of the city dismissed Håkans comments as “unfair.” He said:

Even such people as Håkan Samuelsson get their information from what they read on Facebook and Twitter. That does not mean it is true. […] Gothenburg is a fairly safe city [compared with other cities around the world].

This is so typical for Sweden. Samuelsson is expressing what people who they have headhunted declines their offers and the police accuse him of reading weird stuff online. You don’t have to read anything, there’s graphic evidence where you can see it. Fairly safe doesn’t sound at all convincing and which cities is he comparing to? The problems in Gothenburg are serious, which patroling policemen attest to.

It’s not as the police have worked hard on this problem for a long time as they even gave a maffia group the responsibility to uphold the “law” in their territory. While the politicians and the police have been freaking out about keeping up a good image of Sweden, the famous Sverigebilden, the world have looked past their propaganda and seen the chaos for what it is. They have lost control.

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