CHINA. Church-leaders in state-sanctioned churches in Shanghai are being forced to attend training in writing sermons. The aim is to teach them to implement socialism in their sermons.

The state refer to “Core Socialist Values” which are twelve values used as guidelines in Chinese society: patriotism, democracy, civility, harmony, power through wealth, justice, freedom, equality, rule of law, industriousness, sincerity and friendliness. They sound ok, but as always when it comes to socialism words are used to conceal the real state of things. In this case they are used to elevate the status of the Communist Party of China and President Xi Jinping.

Father Francis Liu from Chinese Christian fellowship of Righteousness says that this started last year and that the freedom to write a sermon without interference are decreasing rapidly. He showed the reporter from International Christian Concern pictures of a church in Henan with billboards advocating for socialism by using quotes from the Bible.

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